Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Crying Guy

This guy is the most memorable. When people ask me if i met anyone off plenty of fish and how my date went, i bring him up first. Everyone laughs and cant believe this guy is real. But it did really happen and i was just so disappointed. He was one of the first few people I talked to from that site since i joined. It was 2 months before i decided to meet him and we didn't talk all that much before meeting. He asked to see me and said yes. Honestly i didn't even want to go but i was bored. He picked me up and we went out to eat. We had a good conversation over dinner. He kissed me in the parking lot. Hes a good kisser actually. We went to this adult like arcade place. And had a really good time there. It closed around 12 and we didn't want to go home just and just find somewhere to park and talk ahem. So we ended up going to a park. And was kissing for a bit. Which was nice but I was getting kinda bored so i suggested we go to the backseat of his car hahaha. Hes a good kisser...probably one of the best i kissed but i don't know why....i was just so bored with just kissing. So yeah backseat....can you guess what we did? Yep this was the fun part......*cough* It was nothing. Seriously. He went in and out and came in a minute. Oh em geee thanks for thinking of me there. He was giggling after....umm yeah. I thought he thought it was funny that he came in a minute but he said this is how he always reacts. Thats great. So we were talking after and literally 10 mins after he talked about his ex and this other girl he loved. But it was mostly about his ex for like an hour and a half. I just let him talk. I am the person who listens..so if you need someone to talk to i'm there. Thats why i just let him talk it out but i never expected it to be so long after all this is our first date. Then he cried. ........................... yeah. And i couldn't help think, why am here? Why are you dating in the first place if your not over your ex???? He took me home and that was the end to that. We just talked less and less. He deleted his plenty of shit account. He eventually deleted me off msn but still kept me on facebook which i never understood. He kept me on there for a bit until i logged onto facebook today where he was asking to be my friend again. I don't get it. I don't think i would ever meet up with him again because that just freaked me out. There are rules damnit. Don't talk about your ex's on the first date.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

You like to move fast

guy says:
me says:
guy says:
nice pic
me says:
guy says:
how old r u
me says:
guy says:
do u wanna be my gf ? wanna hangout? have some fun? I am looking for a gf... to be honest with u at first... I know it's crazy asking u without knowing anything aobut u... but i like to say the truth

Yeah that is crazy. Why not just ask me to get married and have my babies.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Annoying Guy Part 2

This will the last time i bring him up because he is over and done with. He gotten even weirder. Thursday night he comes on and the first thing he does is assumes i lied to him. Hes like "i thought you were going out" It was around 10pm. He could never think maybe i was already out. I was like "why are you stalking me" and his responce "oh please". Thanks for the attitde.I could of been joking around. Ah whaever. I didnt say much to him that night just that i was out but came home early. I didnt even need to explan myself you know. So friday goes by and i dont talk to him. Saturday afternoon i get a text from him trying to be all sweet with me. I didnt respond. Sunday he msged me and was like soo how many guys did u meet this weekends. What the hell? Whatever behaviour that is i dont like it. I was like i just met up with an old friend near by and he assumes it was a date already. If he doesnt trust me then why does he even bother to meet me?? So i just told him straight up why i didnt like him. I told him he freaks me out but also acts just like my ex with this weird controlling attitude. And the fact that it feels like its a relationship and that you dont trust me. He had no responce. But he did delete me off pof and facebook. Makes my job easyer :) I didnt just want to end it with a block. I wanted him to know he was freaking me out. So maybe he will think twice about his actions towards someone else.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Annoying Guy

I was suppose to meet this guy tonight but cancelled last minute because i got this horrible gut feeling. It could of been nervs or maybe because he sounded like a control freak. I would of ended up meeting him if it wasnt for this msg i got. Heres the lil history on him on why hes so annoying to me. He msged me first and we continued our convo to msn. But it got annoying after awhile because every single time i popped online....there he was msging me. Holy shit man give me a break once n awhile. He wanted to meet me and i was like yes but honeslty i just forgot. So a few weeks go by and he msgs me asking whats up with my name because i put this lil saying about pof. And instantly he starts acting jealous.....that im meeting all these guys but not him. I didnt know that two counted as all but ok. So i felt a bit bad. I started to talk to him on the phone. He just put me on the spot. Asking me why i met those guys but not him...and why it couldnt be him. I was just speechless. Honestly i didnt even know how to answer that. I cant even remember what answer i gave him. Why i still agreed to meet him after this? I have no clue.

So last night he called and i picked up but had to get off quickly because i was doing something. But i get a message today asking "what happend to you last night...your voice sounded like you was with someone and couldnt talk". Its not just me who thinks that sounds a bit like control freak or maybe even stalkerish. I guess of been reading it the wrong way untill i spoken to him just now and it all made sense. If i was with someone i would not pick up the phone. But i was just doing something and wanted to let him know i would call back. I cancelled my plans. He was talking to me just now. He now wants me to plan the day when i can see him. He wants it to be all up to me now. Dont leave it up to me. It will never happen. Anyways i go away for a bit and hes like chatting to others i see..... what kinda shit is that. I wasnt even but whatever. So i just delay the convo a bit because this is kinda freaking me out. So again hes like your talking to too many people because i say one line and then 10 mins im back. Hhahaaha i was so fucken tempted to say im having diarreah. Thats exactly what would be going if it were to happen. Seriously that sounds like my episodes of diarreah. Man i should of said it. He would of been so turned off. Ah i would have to remember for next time. Instead i just said i was distracted with something else and again he said someone must be that interested. AHHHh. He sounds exactly like my last relationship. I'm trying to get rid of that....not find another!

Hes also impatient. He wanted to meet me at 11pm after his work during the week....and admited he was impatient. Hes like if it goes well today then we can see eachother on friday and go see a movie. This sounds like an interview. Like im being prescreened to have a proper date. You can wait two more days to see me at normal times...or i guess not. I havent even met this guy and already were in a relationship. No way. Goodbye.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I just recently became single from being in a 5 year relationship. So i decided to start meeting and dating new people. Its something all new to me. I never really went on much dates. I usually just met someone and later they turned into a relationship. But my experiences haven't been all that great. So i guess i should explain the name? Well all of my dates have been from the site plenty of fish. But i think it should be renamed to plenty of shit. I'm having really bad luck on there. And there are some really weird people on there but i guess that could go for anywhere.

Anyways my friend gave me the idea to write a blog about my experiences. So here it is.